Need Help with Rent or Eviction Try these Sources 

  • Hud - If you're in need of immediate shelter or emergency housing, the HUD maintains a state-by-state list of housing organizations in your area.  
  • Non Profit Organizations - connects those in need of help with essential community services in their area and has a specific portal for pandemic assistance. If you're having trouble with your food budget or paying your housing bills, you can use's online search tool or dial 211 on your phone to talk to someone who can try to help. 
  • is a nonprofit that puts tenants facing eviction in touch with local organizations that can help them to remain in their homes or, in worst-case scenarios, find emergency housing. 
  • The online legal services chatbot at has a coronavirus financial relief tool that it says will identify which of the laws, ordinances and measures covering rent and evictions apply to you based on your location. 
  • Legal Aid provides attorneys free of charge to qualified clients who need help with civil matters such as evictions. 
  • Reach out to your Landlord or Property and Try to work out a deal while many landlords aren't willing to work with renters there are some willing to negotiate